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In the past, social dancing became increasingly popular with TV shows like, "So You Think You Can Dance" and Dancing with the Stars" along with movies like "Shall We Dance" "Take The Lead" and "Mad Hot Ballroom." The joy of dancing captured the American consciousness. Baby Boomers and young adults alike discovered that learning to dance offered a vital social network, a great forum for exercise, and a way to stay healthy and young.  

However, for many people, beginning dance lessons can be an intimidating experience.  Finding the right instructor (i.e.Where can I learn to dance?) or a decent dance environment (i.e. Where can you go dancing?) can be daunting.  With this in mind, we have created this web site as a way of welcoming new dancers into the world of dance.  If all goes as planned, we hope our site will include a wide range of information that will inform and encourage dancers of all levels to begin or continue their pursuit of dance and to further the tradition of welcoming new dancers into the ever increasing dance community.

Given our love of dance, or more honestly, our addiction to dance, we see our role as "Dance Ambassadors" who provide Dance Information to anyone interested in social dancing. This web site gives us a convenient way to share up-to-date dance resources.   

Also, we have made it a personal point to never forget what we felt like as beginners or "Dance Newbies."  To this end, we always make an attempt to introduce ourselves to people in our dance community (new and seasoned ). We carry dance business cards so that we have information readily available for the curious. Since we started dancing in 2004, we're eternally grateful for all the new friendships we've established through dance.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.  
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We hope to see you on the dance floor! 
Ginger & Lee
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