Read what Karel Barnoski, an award-winning audio designer expert has to say about sound and the human relationship to it:

Interviewer: From your perspective and experience, how much can sound impact a user's perception of a product, software application, or service?

Barnoski: Without getting too deep into human perceptual psychology, sound is perceived much in the same way as other stimuli. By manipulating sound you can effect the user's perception of an experience. Through sound, you can make a product be perceived as elegant, simple, complex, etc. Therefore, it's essential to design the audio experience parallel with the other aspects of the product, otherwise there might be a disconnect between the auditory and visual experience for the user.

If a product sounds elegant, users are going to perceive that product as elegant. If it sounds cheap and crude, like the sound was thrown in at the last minute, that's the way users are going to perceive the rest of the product.

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