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HCDance     Wethersfield, CT         (Swing, Zydeco, Contra)

Polish Home      Windsor Locks, CT      (WCS, Hustle, C-2Step)

westcoastjamn                E. Hartford, CT                 (WCS)

Dance Gourmet             E. Hartford, CT          (WCS, Hustle,  NC2-Step)

Circle Of Life Arts                E. Hartford, CT           (Mixed)

Michele Evans Studio     Hartford, CT           (Ballroom Mix)

Shoreline Swing       East Lyme, CT             (Swing)

Swing Shoes            Stamford/Fairfield, CT (WCS, Hustle,Salsa)

Let's Dance in Rhythm Branford, CT               (Ballroom Mix)

Vinnies Jump & Jive                 Middletown CT           (Swing,Salsa)

CSDS         New Haven, CT            (Swing)

Vandome Night Club     New Haven, CT           (Latin Mix) 

Ron Cote's Ballroom   West Haven & Rocky Hill, CT  (Ballroom Mix)

USDance Club       Rocky Hill, CT            (Ballroom Mix)

CT Ballroom Society                Woodbridge, CT.         (Ballroom Mix)  

Glastonbury Riverfront          Glastonbury, CT     (Ballroom Mix)

Casona                      Hartford, CT.    (Salsa & Latin Mix, Swing)

Romberos        New Haven, CT  (Salsa & Latin Mix)

Hawthorn Restaurant         Berlin, CT(Salsa & Latin Mix)

The Canoe Club


Yale Swing & BluesNew Haven, CT(swing & blues)

Hartford Underground    Hartford, CT(Balboa, Lindy, Vintage)

Arlington            Boston, MA                 (WCS, Cha cha, NC2-Step)
North Hampton          North Hampton, MA     (All genre)
Club Jo Ellen      Wayland, MA              (All genre)
Dance Ranch      Wooster, MA              (Country, WCS, Hustle)
SalsaBoston               Boston, MA                (Latin dancing venues)
Boston Swing Central   Cambridge, MA (Guide to Swing dancing)
Havana Club  Cambridge, MA (Salsa On1)
Ryles (Noche Latina)     Cambridge, MA (Salsa On2)
Mojitos Lounge       Boston, MA        (Salsa) 
Club Caribe           Cambridge/Boston, MA    (Salsa)
Boca Bar       Waltham, MA(Salsa on Sundays)


Club 412      New York City      (Hustle, Salsa, Ballroom)

Studio One    Lincoln, RI          (2-step, NC2-step, WCS, more)
Providence Swings      Providence, RI  (ECS,Lindy)
Swingin' 88's               Providence, RI   (Swing Mix)
Twirl The Girl             Rhode Island     (WCS, Latin)
WaterFire                   Providence, R.I.        (Mix) Seasonal
MRC Ballroom -  Newsletter
The list above is not to be consider exhaustive. We've only listed those that are familiar to us. There are many other dance locations and commercial dance studios not listed.  Many of the listed sites have links to other dance locations.  Check them out, too. 
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